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CMNC's 4 Pillars

I. CHILDHOOD IS UNIQUE - The growth and developmental processes that occur during childhood are fundamentally different than later stages of life.  How the brain makes connections, how skills are acquired, and how the body grows during childhood is substantially different than later stages of youth and adulthood.

II. CHILDHOOD IS IMPORTANT - Numerous studies connect childhood development with adult-life outcomes.  Early-observable developments like empathy, self-regulation and impulse control all have measurable, positive adult-life connections.

III. PLAY IS PIVOTAL TO CHILDHOOD - For young children, play is more than recreation or distraction.  Play is the primary process through which children interact with and experience the world.  Play is best experienced socially, and with open-ended experiences that tap into problem solving, creativity, and fun.  

IV. CHILDREN'S MUSEUMS ELEVATE PLAY - Play is at the heart the children's museum experience.  From the moment a visitor enters, children's museum seek to activate the desire to play that resides in everyone. Our mission is to offer an environment that motivates and inspires children and families to play, both during their visit and after they leave.  


From The Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

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