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150,000 Laughing Visitors

To Our Friends and Supporters, 


If you visit a children’s museum and close your eyes, one sound can be distinctly heard above all others. The laughter of children. 


There are scientifically proven, mental and physical benefits of laughter. Stress relief, increased oxygen uptake, relaxation and even improved sleep are all associated with laughter.


Laughter is also social. When your mirror neurons observe someone else laughing, you often can’t help but to laugh yourself, even if you do not know what was so funny. Don’t believe me? Try this: Here’s a link to a 20-second sound clip of children laughing. I bet that by the 15 second mark you’ll have a smile on your face and your shoulders will be a little more relaxed. 


Can you imagine the impact of 150,000 laughing children’s museum visitors a year?


I am proud to say that 2022 has been a meaningful year for the Children’s Museum of Northern Colorado. In September, we completed a six months-long building redesign process. The new building plans are exciting, inviting, streamlined and efficient. You can view them here. 


I am equally proud to share that at the time of this letter we have identified a sole finalist for exhibit design services. In the coming months, you will see updated imagery of what visitors will experience at the Children’s Museum of Northern Colorado


Friends, Colorado Gives Day is upon us. Last year, your support exceeded our expectations and enabled us to keep moving forward. We raised nearly $40,000! The new building design and the exhibit design services have only happened because of your support. Will you support us again this year? 


Colorado Gives Day runs from now until December 6th, 2022. Our goal is to raise $25,000. And believe it or not, with $8,250 raised so far, we're already one-third of the way there! 


Your contribution of any dollar amount is essential to ensure that 2023 can be as impactful as 2022. With your help, the campaign towards opening this museum will continue. 


There are two ways you can support the Children’s Museum of Northern Colorado during this campaign. 


Option 1: You can donate directly through the Colorado Gives Day portal accessible here


Option 2: You can send your contribution directly to: 

Children’s Museum of Northern Colorado

PO Box 732

Loveland, CO 80539-0732


And just like last year, 2023's Colorado Gives Day donors will be commemorated on a sign installed in the museum. We’re grateful for your support. Because of you, we are confident this much needed museum will become a reality for the children of Northern Colorado!


Yours in laughter,


Ryan Howard

Executive Director

Children’s Museum of Northern Colorado

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